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I’ve got a senton 3s which to me feels very quick. According to the specs it easily does 50mph out of the box.
I’ve read a couple of things on google saying the typhon 3s is capable of 70+mph out of the box.
Can anyone confirm this?
If this is true, I thought both were very similar vehicles. Are there differences with gearing?
From memory the Senton has a 20T pinion and the Typhon a 15T. The Typhon is lighter and looks like the wheels/tyres are lighter. I was surprised at how quick a Typhon 3S could accelerate when I first saw one on real life. So much so I ended up getting one.
Fwiw, the Senton on 3's will achieve 50 mph out of the box with the stock 20 tooth pinion. Currently trying to locate a 40 tooth pinion to achieve 250mph+!
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