Senton Senton v2 first part to break/ any good vendors?

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bought mine about a month ago and the only thing that has broken so far is the front bumper.
Gonna be buying tbone front,rear bumpers and the mudguards.
If anyone knows good sites to find hop-up parts please let me know.
Thanks and keep on bashin'
I'd like to find a body other than the stock senton one. And some better battery straps. Also more aluminum body parts that match the red.
Ok - two days of running the Senton. The rear bumper right side is gone - came clean off. I blew two tires this morning in the costco lot. Running 2x7200Mah 70C 11.1v. Very disappointing actually but my TBone front & rear bumpers + guards are on the way anyway. Kind of surprised still. The tires blowing I have on go pro - will post...
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