Senton Senton V2 or Fazon?

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I have been thinking about this for a while. I can't decide what Arrma car to get. The new Senton or the Fazon?
I already have the old Senton but it broke and now I need a new RC. The thing I don't like about the Fazon is that it's kind of a Monstertruck and wheelie machine. But I absolutely loved the Senton.
Could somebody pls help me what to get? Thanks
Get the Senton again. What happened to the old one?
I put a mamba monster in it. It was doing wheelies non stop and it was fun to drive in the snow and mud but after a while all parts where just badly used and need changing. And I had a crash and the front needs some new plastic parts.
There is but one them both.


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Fazon is set at the lowest suspension setting. It's also longer and wider than the Nero and big rock. The flat wideness really helps with stability bigtime.
ok I might get the fazon then.
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