Senton Senton V2 with 6S 3000 battery (or x2)?

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  1. Senton 6s
Can you guys help in case the Senton V2 might work with the following battery setup:

I have plenty of these for my Trex 600 helicopter and would plan to buy a car that runs with them.
Hopefully the Senton V2...
So my questions would be:
  1. Would it have enough power just to use one of these without low voltage cutoff or performance drop?
  2. In case it might work how long runtime may I expect?
  3. In case of power shortage, would two of these packs fit in the battery tray? Dimensions: 139X43X39 (2times)
Would it even work putting them in parallel as a 6S 6000 pack? (just seen 2X 3S battery options in series)
Hi there,

a 3000mah 30C is certainly not strong enough ... especially since the burst rating of the one you posted is only 40 C.
A 5000mah 35C is the recommended minimum. I run 5000mah 50C myself.

Worst case that could happen with 3000mah 30C is that your battery catches fire ... and a lipo fire is no fun.

In case you do not know (I don't know how it works with helicopters, no experience at all):

You calculate the max amp draw a battery can deliver by the following formula:

(mah * C-Rating)/1000 = Amp draw the battery can take.

The Senton V2 has a 150 amp ESC built in and you always want to have some buffer with the LiPo.
5000mah 35C would take 175 amps ... which is fine.
3000mah 30C would take 90 amps ... which is definitely not enough.
In your case not even the burst rating, which is 120 amps due to the 40C, would be strong enough ... this would be highly dangerous.

You want to do that calculation with the C-Rating for continous amp draw, not for burst draw.
Burst capability should be around double the continous C-Rating.
Often the LiPo is labled similar to this:
5000mah 50C/100C
5000mah 50C-100C

In both cases this usually means 5000mah capacity, 50C Continous, 100C burst. Doublecheck the description of the battery though, you never know.

For the battery tray: it won't fit without modifying the battery tray.
You definitely need longer straps and you will need to secure the batteries together to prevent slipping and sliding. Also add some foam to the bottom of it if you plan to jump. My batteries (3S hardcase) happen to have similar dimensions. 138x46x38

For parallel/series ... The Senton comes stock with a series connection for 2x 2S or 2x 3S LiPo ... I honestly don't know if parallel would be possible. You probably can rewire it but I wouldn't recommend ... especially since I would assume your warranty will be voided.

Thanks for the reply. Same as for helicopters :) looking at the specs unfortunately this battery even being 6S would not be enough - (I just seen someone using 6s 3300 so thought to ask).
Anyway now the question is if 2 of these batteries can be linked together in paralell making it a 6S 6000mha 30C-40C pack.
rewiring no issue I just wonder if it fits phisically in the tray.

Do you use 2 pieces 138X46X38 batteries that fits in? In that case my Dimensions: 139X43X39 (2times) should be also ok.
What is the tray max size? Do you put 2 batteries side by side or on top of each other?
(I look after paralell usage)

You definitely won't be able to fit them side by side, with this size they need to be on top of each other.
Max size without modifications, officially, is 158x51x46mm ... some sites state 157 x 51 x 71 mm.

Mine were 138x46x76 stacked and definitely did not fit in height.
I modified the battery tray with longer straps so the batteries fit in, also added some foam to the bottom of the tray, to secure the battery from jumps.

I've also built the batteries as a "pack" to secure them from slipping and sliding.
To do so, I've added some 3M Dual Lock between the batteries (like velcro, but stronger) and also ran a velcro zip-tie around it.

I've attached a picture of the battery pack, so you see what I mean.
That way the batteries are held together by the 3M tape plus the velcro zip tie and secured by the 2 velcro straps of the tray .... secured in all directions you could say. :)


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seen your post and pics on rcgroups :) so fit seems secured.
Would you think my softcase batteries will be protected enough with a silicon cover? do not plan to invest. (I have 16 of these packs)
There will always be some small risk when bashing, but I would at least put some foam in the tray and on top of the batteries and between battery and strap, additionally to the silicon covers, just for the "feeling good about it" aspect :)
In all honesty, I've been using softcase lipos to bash in my LRP S10 and nothing ever happened, but as the Senton is quite heavy and powerful, dampening the hits is never a bad idea.
thx. will see, however checking bit on parallell link it is not really recommended... Theoretically possible but you can kill batteries easily. You have to use stricktly same ones (parameter, type, age, condition of cells etc). Have to put them under load right away after linked and use safer/shorter runtime as always the weakest cell will be killed. Defenitely short term solution and need to look for new batteries or other car?! :( boooo
If I had 16 of those packs I would do my best to match pairs by ir per cell and run them parallel for sure. be sure to make your wiring equal length to each pack and run voltage alarms so you get an idea of how they are responding.

You would have a 6000mah 30c in theory. So for general use it should be ok but don't try to break speed records with the thing and maybe stay conservative on gearing to start.
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