Senton Senton Wheel Rim options

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So with spring coming i've decided it's time to look at my new RC for the year, i'm leaning towards the Senton but i have a question for any owners out there. what rims are you running and has anyone had any success getting the Proline F-11 SC beadlock rims working with the senton.

Link to the rims:

any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
The wheels on the senton use a 17mm wheel locks. Most sct and beedlock wheels use 12mm. You can use 1/8 buggy wheels/tires. Or there is a few sc 17mm wheel options. One is De racing. They have the Borrego, and the Tinidad. Or something frome China.

Fyi right now there is a senton bidding on ebay..minus the problems/electronics for 180+shipping
Thanks, I actually just ordered my Senton like 20 minutes ago, also a pair of Badlands for SC and stock rims. looking at T-bone bumpers and mud guards next (i'm a bit rough on my vehicles as we usually are hanging around out back wit a few beverages laying around)
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