Senton Senton with custom stickered body

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How is it going guys. I got a used roller off eBay, and started piecing it together. The stock body is a little pricey and im not reel big on its paint job anyways. So i ended up getting a less expensive body. Its a little small, but still looks pretty good. The paint and sticker scheme was done to match my buddy's full size race truck.

It fits it better than the truck look.. This was before I got some wheels and a body. But wanted to drive it. Tires are way to big, but It was still "wheelie" fun!!
I thought the rear bumber stuck out a little to much with the ofna body. I think with the stock body, the rear bumber is tucked in the body more. I also took out the spacers on the rear bumber side panel guard thingys. It was a little to wide and pushed in the sides of the body out.

The Arrma Senton can do anything his truck can do (to scale)... Well..he can drive better.. but i can jumper higher!!


Arrma Senton can do that!
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