Kraton Servo upgrade install

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So I'm on my 2nd going on 3rd stock replacement servo and I'm going to upgrade.

1. What steps do I need to take for the install?
2. What does a glitch buster do?
3. Analog or digital?
4. Any advice...sick of missing bash sessions due to servo issues! Willing to spend average plus $$$

Kraton V2- thank you!
Is that Savox servo a direct drop into the Kraton V2?

Yes, it's the same dimensions so it drops straight in. The cable is a bit stiffer than the original, but other than that it fits well.

Just ordered the Savox 1210SG waterproof. Anyone have any set up suggestions?

2hyper, Not sure about how that servo will fit as it's a bit bigger than the stock one in length and height. You may need to file out the mount a bit to get it in as the stock one is fairly snug.

Sorry I can't be of any more assistance.
Which mount do you suggest? I started buying parts for the DIY mount but was thinking about getting a niced CNC'd pro version instead
I haven't worried about the alu servo mount. I just drilled out the plastic mounting holes and ran SS bolts all the way through with nylon nuts on top. The mount doesn't move anymore but what does move is the servo because of the rubber grommets which mount the servo to the mount. I'm not sure weather or not they're needed but if they are i'd assume that the servo will still move even with the alu mount.
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