Notorious Servo won't return to center

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Got a Hobbystar high speed/torque servo on it and it seemed to do fine at first. Its taken a few tumbles but nothing major. All steering links/rod ends/pivots seem normal. Ball bearings are installed already, no bushings. Will turn fine but when I let off it stutters as it tries to return and sometimes won't go back on its on. Disconnected the servo horn from the bell crank and it works normal. 🤷‍♂️
The saver spring V-assembly is binding or your pillow ball/links have interference.

With the servo horn disconnected from the spines, use your hand on the horn simulating the servo and you’ll understand the situation. Both on and off ground at different suspension height levels.
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If nothing is binding, it's simply a bad servo.
Servo saver probably not adjusted right and some force got through. Also, always check your servo endpoints as well, easy to overstress them that way.
Figured it out. I removed the spacer clips between the pivot ball and suspension arm to prevent the dogbones from popping out and must have been late or I was having a not so bright moment because one of the pivot ball retainer nuts was very tight. Loosened it up a little and everything is moving okay now. Lol, I should know this, my first 6s rig was a Typhon with a similar issue out of the box. Just glad it wasn't a servo. :cool: