Share your best RC deals

Thanks! I actually have brand new take offs from a v2 8s on standby thanks to @GNT1 😁
So yeah, I have a plan😉
V1 electronics will likely end up in my Xmaxx and v2 parts will go into the K8.
Gotta at least try stock first though. Pretty stoked!😁🍻

Cool, the Kaiju is a solid rig for me. I've had alot of fun with mine over the last 3 years. Started as an OG, now an EXT. I don't feel like it's really worth $500 when a K6 can be had for about the same. But at $350, alot of bang for the buck. 👍 K6 and Kaiju are quite different trucks though. So one may fit better than the other depending on what one wants to do with it.

Still got another V2 8s esc/motor combo left.
any thoughts on this for deals?

I have a k8s with m2c beefcake, xlx2 and 800kv

Im looking to black friday grab m2c for os8 with a hobby wing setup,

I've personally blown 2 xlx2's but got them back free of charge for castle. My question would be is it better to go castle (doodoo quality but great warranty) or hobbywing (better for bashers but more questionable warranty system)

Will also be going hackfab for my mini b for the oval set up

Last priority would be strenghted bulkheads for my 6s lineup because the plastic cases warp heavy with the power I run. and leads to output gears getting all crunchy. Im not sure what good companies will have some sales on that

I love to send my cars in the air a lot so tyring to maximize the sales and get best value out of all this
Why not get a HW Max5 G2 next round so you can run 12s and get longer run times.
A great idea indeed. I don't/won't have 12s capability unfortunately but plenty of 6s bricks. Would be awesome just to extend run time and reduce heat. Gear it for similar speeds as 8s, win win.

This is an older model? Good deal? No idea! Sweet rig though.

Should we have a separate Black Friday thread? Or something stickied at the top?

I've actually considered suggesting we create a separate thread each year. However, after thinking about it, I realized most people (whether they are regular posters here or simply lurk for these awesome deals) are subscribed to the thread and would then have to go subscribe to a new thread and possibly miss out on deals. Best to keep it all here and not split things up.
A quick search shows their black friday sale usually happens on black friday.. not sure if it's one day or the weekend. Best bet is to be on their mailing list I think.
Yeah I double checked posts from last year and the sale was only around for 24 hours I think.

I'm holding out for that to fix my Outcast haha.
Yeah I double checked posts from last year and the sale was only around for 24 hours I think.

I'm holding out for that to fix my Outcast haha.
Nice! Maybe one day I'll pony up for some M2C goodness..the Delrin shock bushings are about all I can afford from them,LOL. I know they make great stuff, my bro has some of their parts on his Slug. I just haven't had a need for the upgrades aside from worn out shock bushings. Good luck brother.👍
New guy here. Hoping there’s a deal to be had for the Granite BLX. Is there a good chance there will be a solid deal for Black Friday from any vendors? Or will just using the generic 10% off that I see a couple are doing be the best idea? I also saw that Tower Hobbies is doing 20% off for upgraded members that cost $10 to join. Even with that fee included, it looks like I’d save even more than most places.

I lucked out last week or so and Amazon did a Lightning deal on the Gen’s Ace Imars D300, and the $50 off coupon that had been there forever, was still there during the lightning deal, so I snagged one for $60 shipped. I l’m thinking the $50 coupon remaining active during the Lightning deal was a mistake.