Vorteks Shock clipper thingy in the box

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There are a set of C shape clip that would fit on the shocks between the spring and the support in the box.

Is there a rule of thumb on how to use those and when? And which ones (there are different thickness in the bag)?

Thanks in advance for any pointers to old thread if I missed it.
They are to add something called “preload” to your shocks. There are others smarter who can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it stiffens the shocks. If you push on a spring, it pushes back more. The more you add the quicker your suspension gets back up to ride height after a hit. Also it can in some circumstances add ride height
Thank you for your reply @kspitters so it is more a ride think where depending on how you want your ride to be once you are on the field.

It’s not something you need to add when your shock spring get too old or something like that.

Ok cool thank you!
Not a problem at all @Mathieu, play around with them and see how you like it to drive, there’s no set way to do it. I like my preload to be high, or use lots of “c clips”, because I don’t have very stiff springs, and I’m too lazy to get new ones😂
@Mathieu https://m.traxxas.com/news/suspension-tuning-guide-part2
May be Traxxas, but it’s still good info.
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