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What oil is stock? No way it could be 30w. I refilled my shocks with 30w. Shocks are super hard now. Newer Fury, with the red shocks, if that matters.


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It's possible you overfilled the shocks if they are very hard. In theory, if you completely filled them with water which doesn't compress they would be extremely hard/locked, (assuming they don't leak or blow a cap).

I've used Team Associated 35W oil in both my Granite and my son's Fury and it works well so I don't think the 30W you have is too much. (Unless by chance you used 30k weight differential oil?)

Try changing the amount of oil you have in the shocks and also the position of the shaft when you tighten the cap.

I should warn you however... messing with the stock Arrma shocks may just end up making you mad. Many of us have switched or gone in search of alternatives to the stock shocks.

Good Luck!

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