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Could someone please tell me what the difference is between 20 30 40 etc shock oil weight? One of my caps got knocked loose and I lost all my oil but I don't have a clue which weight I should buy! Any info will be helpful. Thanks in advance

The higher the number the thicker the oil is.
Ok thanks. I'm kinda new to this but I'm assuming the thicker the oil the stiffer the suspension right? Is there some what of a standard that most amateurs use?
The viscosity in cSt vs. WT is different depending on brand, any single bottle of shock oil out there ($3-7) will be more than enough to fill all 4 of your shocks at least twice, maybe three times. I'd pick up any brand's 30WT or 35WT oil and you should be good.

Shock Oil cSt chart from Sweep Racing (cstchart_1024.jpg)

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