Shock replacement?

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Arrma RC's
  1. Granite
What are some good aftermarket shocks to put on my Granite. Caps keep popping off. Looking for some that will go on with no mods.
Hi all, for those in australia - i have just fitted up a pair of HSP shocks. Work bloody awsome and a pretty much a straight swap over.
See part numbers below.

Hsp aluminum adjustable shocks (78-110mm) - part # HSP-760001BLU
HSP 5.8MM REAR HUB carrier pivot balls (work for front and back) - part # HSP-60039

Set up works a treat. For all under $30 aus

I'm running the Team Associated Rival shocks on the back of my Granite. Haven't done much looking into the fronts as they have not been an issue...yet.
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