Shock Upgrade?

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Hey everyone,

just wondering if anyone has found a good shock upgrade for the the furys/granite/mojave

I've read thru all the old threads on the other forum and the main concern is the front spring diameter,

has anyone resolved this? found some affordable upgrades?


yah i did after i posted, lol i ordered a set of integy shocks should have them in a week,

also ordered a new motor an ESC lol smoked the ESC again so screw the factory stuff, aftermarket it is
Hey guys, got my Integy Shocks in the other day, and i gotta say quite impressed, looks to be a well built shock.

now our specs for the fury/mojave are 78mm front and 98mm rear, the closest i could find was 80mm for the front and 100mm for the rear, i figured 2mm shouldn't make much of a difference.

The only modification is the lower arm has to be shaved a little bit because the stock shocks are narrower then the Integy shocks

nothing 2 minutes doesn't solve

had the truck out a few times and so far very impressed with them,

i think i paid around 55 bucks for all 4 so there not to expensive
there are different colours, but the part numbers i ordered are

front = Integy C26023GUN

rears = Integy C25946GUN

Now like i said u can get a couple different colours, mine are gun metal, hence the GUN at the end of the part number,

*update* was out for a couple hours today with my buddy, he has a granite and we both up graded to these shocks, they are awesome, the truck just is so much different, handles so much nicer, no shock caps popping off, nothing

great upgrade

These come in yesterday! The bottom shock mounting pivot is a bit wide but very close to fitting. Time to pull out the fingernail file.
a pretty good fit. I took it on vacation and run the front shocks off of it in the Idaho mountains so she deserves new shocks. Took my nitro bullet too, what a blast! Broke them both! Left the nitro with my step son. I think he is addicted now too! I am down to one modern rig. Time to get another. Haha! Btw guys,there is no oil in the shocks. Part# c22912 integy rock crawler shock set. 78mm. Used 30w silicone fluid.
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