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My grandson and I should have gotten arrested today for RC abuse. Took my Outcast, Kraton and Talion out to bash and beat the poop out of them. I'm extremely impressed with the Outcast and it's my grandsons new favorite truck. He was backfliping within 5 minutes. Click on the link for you tube and watch this 5 year old own the Outcast.
Your grandson has skills!! Looks like the 2 of you were having a lot of fun. Makes it all worth while.

What diff fluids you running @Ole Fart51?
200,00 center, 30,000 rear and 50,000 front . Just got it last week. Loving it
Pardon my noob'ness, I'm new to this. Im getting my outcast tomorrow. When do you know it's time to change the fluids and how do you pick the type and where it goes (front, center, rear)?

A lot of variables here.
How hard you drive, 4S or 6S, and what kind of performance you want are important considerations.
The higher viscosity diff fluids noted above, generally create more of a 'locking' action in the front and center diff. This is done primarily to avoid excessive power bleed to the front and which helps to avoid excessive ballooning on the front wheels under hard acceleration. By doing so helps to 'virtually' affect torque split between the front and rear and allows the rear wheels to spin freely under WOT, while keeping the front rubber somewhat tame.
As for frequency...I would say every 20-25 full battery packs unless you are beasting every run, or are just fanatical about keeping your fluid fresh and clean...in which case a little more frequently.
Others may know more regarding frequency than I, but from what I have understood based on optimal tuning methodology, these numbers should ensure your diffs don't get gunked up.