Show me your rc cave.


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I would like to have an as clean room as you. But my 80+ cars are laying all arround my room, i can almost can't put a foot on the floor, it is the mess, i'm so not proud of this that i can't even take a photo :LOL:
gotta pick your favorites or most recent and stash the rest in the garage or attic.


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Is it really necessary to have more than one or two drones?
Honestly no. But I'm addicted to building them, also trying different frames characteristic and flight controllers. Never build the same frame twice tho' except for my long range one. I happened to be quite lucky couple of years ago since me and my friends was part of the first people that pioneered the drone race/freestyle to the air modelling community in my home country (Indonesia), so we got lots of care packages from good companies ie. "early adopter" frames, flight controllers, propellers or motors. So my days that time was, build, fly, crashed, repeat. But at the end of the day, I got my favourite ones because I do a little bit of everything ie. 1 for freestyle, 1 for racing, 1 for movies and 1 for long range (this one i do mostly) since no single build perfect for everything. Some people that only focus on one type of use ie. racing, probably only have 2 (1 for main, 1 for backup) or if you like to travel, probably enough to only have 1 that is portable and light for movies shot and so on. I guess its probably a bit similar to rc car, for crawling, bashing, speed run etc unless you want to often change your tires, esc/motor or gearing, shocks, diff fluid or even chassis whenever you do different things.
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