Kraton Sick of being stuck inside

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With Christmas day came a heatwave!! Up to a balmy 11°😆 So tired of looking @ a room full of rc's & not running. I tried the other day, but it was so cold I only managed 8 minutes before I was frozen like a popsicle. So I charged up a pack & took the Black Sheep out for it's 1st true winter time bash. The snow is a little too deep in my yard to really rip around without paddle tires it seems so my next best option was to slip & slide up & down the street. What a blast!! Difficult to get much full throttle action but I love powersliding around the corners & watching the snow fly!!!😍 Got a couple thumbs up from the 2 passersby. Just about lvc was when my fingers had had enough. That should tide me over till tomorrow @ least, then the rest of the week looks incredible (30-40s!!)😃👍🤘



haha we just did this too but thankfully it's 49f here with snow and ice all over the road.
Thats the best thing for an rc body ever, I'm dying laughing over here!
That's actually the 2nd one I've done. I built a typhon for my best friend on a budget a while back & didn’t have any $ left over for a body, so the Budweiser Buggy was made!! & believe me, I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I worked on both of them!!!🤣👍🤘




and there's me running without bodies for years , alas i don't drink , but i do have an old watering can , and some old paint pots somewhere , you may have just started a whole new body design idea , and just think , i have purchased from jennys a new talion body shell , when i could`ve just gone out to the shed , love it mate , its great . Happy christmas
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