Single battery Loop Connector

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Nero will be here tomorrow!
I have a couple pairs of 2s and 3s batteries to use for it, but I also have 2, 4s batteries.
Will the Nero be alright if I just make a loop out of an xt90 connector and some good wire and run it on a single 4s battery, with the other half of the ESC wiring plugged with the loop connector? Searchd the threads but nobody has asked this question specific to the Nero afaik. Thanks for the input!

TLDR - can you use a loop connector on a Nero and run a single battery instead of a pair?
It should work just fine, if you can get the battery in there. I wouldn't run less than 4s though. I don't know enough about the Nero electronics, but generally speaking underpowering a high current system below its intended specifications can be damaging.
Using the loop should work, but the 4s batteries I have seen will not fit in the battery tray. Some 3s batteries barely fit. If you do manage to get a 4s battery in the battery tray, you will have all of that weight on one side.
Thanks for the help guys. The required cell total for the truck is 4-6s so ill be fine there. As far as the offset weight is concerned that's a good point. The motor is on the right side so ill pit the single battery on the left and I'll balance it out with some fishing roll taped in place. I think these 4s packs will fit, taking a glance at dimensions. I'll let you all know.

Edit - just as an update I asked arrma support and they confirmed that this doesn't void your ESC warranty. They did say if you soldered different connectors onto the ESC that this would void the warranty. So it's probably best just just run xt90 connectors for a couple years after purchase.
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I have a 4S 5500 MAH 90c turnigy graphene brick. It will never come close to fitting in the Nero battery cage. Just got some SMC 7200MAH 90c 11.1v and they barely fit.

Don't mean to be a downer - hoping your brick will fit.
Yep, i just stuffed my rcgear shop 4s lipo in the left side battery trey..kinda tight but it does fit. I have 2 4s lipos so ill just toss the other one in on the other this thing is gonna be glued to the ground. Im estimating Weight at around 17lbs fully loaded...this is only temp until i get some 2s in.
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