Slipper pad replacement time

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It's about time to replace my slipper pads. (Trying to follow the maintenance procedures in the manual to some degree)

I notice that there are two options available:
AR310018 - Red Pads (Standard on 2013 models, listed as optional on 2014 models) $3.99US
AR310584 - Blue Pads (Standard on 2014 models, listed as optional on 2013 models) $4.99US

Is there any reason to get the more expensive blue vs the cheaper red ones?

Also for non-BLX models where the slipper is supposedly not adjustable how tight should it be when putting it back together?
I had the red ones on my 2013 BLX Mojave, and our distributor only had the blue/green ones.
The red ones are discontinued on this side of the pond.

I have them in the BLX for months, no issues!
I just bought the blue pads (AR310584) but haven't had a chance to install them yet. My understanding is that the red pads have been discontinued, so I went with the newest product.
I usually leave my slipper tight but that's because I drive on loose traction surfaces and grass mostly. If your running on pavement much just back it off a bit or it could potentially be hard on your diff.
Question: When do you change slipper pads?...You can, off course, follow the manual...But is there a way you can see when you need to?...o_O
Great question! I'd like to know too. I was just thinking I'd inspect it every once in awhile and see if it look worn. Anybody else gave any ideas?
You have to replace them when it slips too much!

It is a method to safe your gearbox and motor from peak forces. For example if you jump with the car and you go full throttle, the wheels will hit the ground with a much faster turning speed.

The peak load that will give is picked up by the slipper cluth.

So too tight, it will not work. Too loose (or worn), no good performance.

There are many 101's on YouTube how to set your slipper.
Up till this day I ride on loose dirt only, so factory setting is fine for us.
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