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so I was running my granite the other day and saw smoke coming from the engine, i cut it off let it sit. It ran alright for a little bit then cut about 75% of the power while on the ground. While holding it up, the wheels would spin slowly and build up to about 60% strength. I sprayed some wd40 in it and it ran a little bit better but seemed to lag going up hill. I just put in an HPI 15T engine and it seems to be running very quick but after climbing some hills it started to smoke as well... any ideas?

First check to see if anything is binding up in the drive train, you may have to remove the motor to do this. You want to make sure there are no bearings locked up on you.
wheel bearings?

could it be the esc? im running a 25c 2s lipo

It could be, but making sure there is no binding in the axles and transmission should be first, and then consider the ESC or Motor.
the dogbones seem to jump around a little bit and click on take off, what exactly do you mean by binding? like it wont move at all?

You may have gotten dirt in the bearing and they may not be spinning smoothly. The Arrma bearings are not very good at keeping dirt out.
where are they located? right behind the wheel? Can you clean them like a skateboard wheel?

are the dogbones supposed to move around a little bit or are they supposed to in there securely?

has anybody upgraded to thicker dogbones possibly aftermarket? Would you just have to make sure that the length is the same?
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