Talion So I've custom built a vehicle with all Basher Queen m2c hot racing parts. I've got a 1520 Castle Creations motor and a Mamba monster x8s ESC.

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I'm Italian m2c extra large chassis and I'm all aftermarket parts. I need a good tire that's good for on-road and off-road that won't fall apart preferably belted does anybody have any ideas
Have you considered the stock Katars? Seem to fit the bill for you.

I have a set of 6s Backflips and Minokawas on mine and prefer the Katars to the Minokawas, but the Backflips work great. Will probably get a set of LPs for it next
stock tires wear stupid fast on road. I'd say either the Fireteam or backflip MT tires if you're ok with a little more ballooning. For belted I'd say the MethodRC SC or MT tires. Depends on if you do more on road or off.
I also would go BF LPs.

I am not really a fan of belted tires for offroad. The problems with belted tires are, weight, and cushion upon landing. @21STalion has belted badlands MX38 on his talion exb IIRC.
Yeah they are fantastic in terms off road high-speed performance but very poor agility and handling wise compared to Katars. One of the few wheels I haven't broken yet. Katars I break like everytime I go out.

I drop to around 3s sometimes 4s when running those big wheels. The huge weight increase gets balanced out by the battery pack weight reduction.

I'm running 23/44 gears on a 1650kv can and it's ballistic. So dropping to 3s or 4s still gives amazing speed.

Good luck!
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