Senton so what upgrades and tweaks have people been doing on their Sentons

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So i just got my Senton today and as i'm going to be doing a once over and making sure everything's good to go (i already noticed that whoever put the receiver on wasn't the smartest and they bent the antenna wire by putting the cap on the plastic sleeve with half the antenna still sticking out (good thing i'll be swapping receivers anyways to use my normal transmitter). I also have some mud guards similar to what i did on my Talion to keep the rear shocks and bearings a bit cleaner and free of mud.

I'm curious as to what changes you guys have done to your sentons (aside from changing esc and motors) mostly curious if anyone has changed their springs or shocks and what and why they changed, is it for bashing or racing etc. but i'm open for any other mods that have been done as well.

Thanks for all the info and tips on the senton in advance.
I put duratrax lockup 1/8 buggy tires on mine, got the aluminum servo mount from GKA (on this forum in the Kraton thread) refilled the shocks with 40 weight oil, did center diff in 50k, front and rear diffs at 30k.
I'll soon be getting a tbone rear bumper for it also.
I'm loving this with the few little things I've done to it.
T-Bone bumpers front and rear as well as front a arm skids Typhon front upper and lower a arms along with Typhon universal shafts (makes the front end wider by a full inch) Kraton 63mm shock bodies with Senton 59mm shock shafts for longer shock travel, savox 1230sg servo with castle creations bec and castle mm2 brushless combo and a spc 4s 6500mah 65c batt


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Here's a before and after picture of the Team Durango Mud Guards, they actually do a pretty good job covering the areas of the rear suspension that collect dirt.


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I locked my center diff is all. great trucks.
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