So you all know why I'm in this section...

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Arrma RC's
  1. Fury
Im planning on getting the blx fury, but idk which one is the newest model, because (i haven't done my research lol) and also i think there are multiple code or whatever they are called, and I am looking at this model... there is the word... model. so the model number/ serial number? is ARAD53BB plz help me find out if this is the newest version and if there might be any say diff problems or anything that would give a 14 yr old a big ol' headache from repairs.

thanks all.

I mean aesthetically it looks like the newest version
@justatree you can find the most current model number on Arrma's website which is AR102627.
Do you happen to know the difference between these, cause they sell for the same price, and look the same
EDIT: they are the same, thanks woodiE
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