Soldering electrical wires

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Im planning to solder this
on my max8 esc
But the only soldering iron i have at hand is a cheap radioshack soldering iron
Is there a tendency it'll come unsoldered if its get hot?
Yes, but with a cheap iron, the issue is normally you can't get it hot enough... :)

Did you see the long thread over on RCgroups on "What soldering iron do you use"? Some good advice on irons, tips, and a Bill posted a good vid on how to solder.

Oh i can solder but my old soldering doesn't work nymore
All i have left is this radioshack thing lol
I don't wanna buy just to use it once
[DOUBLEPOST=1461875212][/DOUBLEPOST]Im going to bring to my lhs
They can solder it for me 5 bucks good enough
Cheaper than a new solder :D
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