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Just curious what others have in their toolbox for soldering their electronics.

I got a basic Harbor Freight soldering pen, 260 sand paper, stone, a 3rd hand attached to a 5 pound weight w zip ties and HF heat shrink.

What solder wire spec recommend for soldering connectors?

Am always hit or miss on a good quality wire.


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My soldering setup looks like this:
For connectors I prefer to use either EC3 or EC5 and for wire I normally have a bunch of Deans Ultra Wire laying around that I've had pretty good luck with.

My next addition will probably be an aluminum Mr Jig soldering jig.
I was thinking of getting an aluminum soldering jig but read a bunch about how it makes it more difficult to solder as the aluminum pulls the heat out making it take a lot more time heating everything up. I don't have any personal experience with it though. So I just ended up drilling holes into an old 10" long section of 2x6 I had laying around and it worked great for me.

I have a TrakPower TK-950 soldering station, paste flux, and leaded solder but I don't remember the exact lead to tin ratio though. I tried using lead free but don't have the patience for it.

My connectors of choice are XT150 but am debating switching them to AS150 to get rid of the massive sparks I get when plugging in batteries. The other good thing about the XT150 and AS150 connectors is that I don't need heat shrink for anything.


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I have the aluminum Mr Jig soldering jig and yes it pulls way to much heat from what ever you are trying to solder.

I have a Hakko 936 soldering station.
I use Kester 44 Rosin core solder.
I also use a past flux on everything.
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