solid locking diff 1/8 scale

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Ive got a arrma typhon and I need to lock my diffs to stop my typhon from walking at speeds. I would like to get rid of the spider gears in the diffs and lock the alxes together. I spent over $100 on spider gears in the rear of my typhon. I'm running a 2650 on a 28/50 gear right now and plan on running a posideon 1527. tryin to reach 130 mph now 100 is to easy.i play with my car at the park right now and with tire change I can hit 100 with no problem.'
any help would be helpful
I fended up filling my center diff with kyosho 500000. Thats right half a million. It locks both axles with very little play. Was going to test it today and realized i had eaten thought the teeth on the front diff the 43 straight tooth the big gear. The teeth are there but the metal in between the teeth is pushed out its not smooth like it is new .
Associated also makes 1 million weight diff oil. I got a bottle here that I am going to be trying in the next few days.
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