Typhon Soooo I bought a “roller”


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Showed to my wife and bam she hit buy. Damn she’s awesome.

May need some work but from pics looks pretty solid. I have 75% of what I’d need to replace what’s already on it if the pics are misleading.

Now to decide after full tear down on what’s going to power the thing. No tires either so I’ll have some research to do there as well. I’m sitting on a new 3200kv factory motor but no esc. Maybe :unsure:

I’m leaning towards going right to 4s with 3670/2200kv ish range. I’ll keep the tire size down to stockish size, not sure on going full on truggy. 0E379EAD-F4A5-48EB-8136-C2A5BDC3E8A2.png 92849DEA-B80E-4F8C-9364-CB1D742FFF49.png 8674ED6E-5362-4FFF-ABF7-DF9AE00191E1.png
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