Spare tires for the Typhon

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Have some PL Badlands on the way from Tower Hobbies along with a couple Duratrax 3S 5000 35C lipos. Seem every track near me has alot of loose dirt on them so I just thought I would try them out on the Typhon...
They came yesterday so I might do some track time next week with them. I'll have the whole place to myself...
Well they LOOK nice...
Looks like it will tear it up now! Does anyone know a good set of road tyres and wheels to get with a little tread on them, not slicks?
I saw these yesterday. Says they're off-road but they look like They would work better on asphalt to me? I have not tried them so....

Let us know how you like the Badlands on your Typhon.
I went to one of the local tracks on Saturday hoping to run the TYphon, test the new Wheels and a couple new battery packs, but the track was a mess since they're doing some work on it for next spring. It wasn't even worth getting the car dirty but I did have another with me that I ran. A less expensive car, so I said why not.
I put Proline Badlands on mine and they were 17mm Hexes?
It was kind of tough getting the original wheels off but there's a thread for that here.
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