Spaz Stix Color Change


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Now that I have my Kraton, I'm giving my Stampede to my son. However, the body was trashed, so I decided to paint up a new one for him.

I picked up the Spaz Stix color change gold/red, and and super happy with it. It's pretty tricky to apply, since you really can't see where you have sprayed, but I tried a few different things and liked the results.

First, I ran stripes of electrical tape on the outside to hopefully get a general idea of where I had sprayed. It sort of worked, but not a big deal to skip.

Other thing I learned was do lots of very light coats. This was recommended by the guy in the hobby shop. I ended up doing 8 lights coats, and still had a few places that I went to heavy and ended up with swirls. In the future, very light, maybe 10-20 seconds of spraying total, and then a few minutes to dry. I have a bathroom in the house with a heating unit in the fan, and it can get the room up to 80-90 degrees. I would "bake" the car for a few minutes in there between coats, worked like a charm.

Final backing with black gloss.

When it's time for a new Kraton body, will probably try this stuff again.




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That looks great, thanks for sharing. I was curious how that color looked because it caught my attention in the hobby shop as I figure out a color for my Limitless.