Speedrunning on 1/8 Mile Dragstrip


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Anyone ever do any speed runs on a drag strip? I am thinking of trying to organize an event at a local 1/8 mile track.
Seems rather short for speed runs. I don’t know how long the braking zone is but speed runners easily pull 1500ft runs and more.

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2D , 3D Not a problem. I'll take that Challenge.
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That was my thinking, with shut down you may have 1000 ft, but building a car just for 1/8 mile might be fun

That's more like Drag racing.
And you'll need an auto chute or some kind of active aero to air brake quickly..

Also with speed running there's (usually) a gradual ramp up to top speed.. given the available Long stretch of road.

In drag racing, there's going to a ton of stress put on all the components in the drivetrain and electronics in a very short amount of time.
Lots of carnage and 🔥 will ensue!!!

Unless you custom build a dedicated chassis, drivetrain, etc etc for just such purposes..
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