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Have a Random question.was wondering if the spectrum smart ESC programmer could be updated byusing a PS 5 that is connected to Internet instead of pc does anybody know. Also if there is any other way besides having to use PC 2 update No this is a this is some totally different it's AES E program card could you please let me know also does Anyone know how often I would have to update that program card.
F/W updates are subjective. Many don't bother. Unless there is a specific F/W update that is addressing an issue you have.
You definitely need the Smart Programmer to do this.
Yeah I don't need an update or anything right now but cause I just got the truck I was wondering if there was another programmer card that I could use on that esc or do I have to stay with spectrum and also can I update through my playstation 5 that has Internet instead cause I don't have a PC
You have to be able to run the Spektrum SmartLink software to update the firmware, and that software only runs on Windows.
So, to answer your question, no, your PS5 won't get it done.

You can adjust ESC parameters with the box alone though.
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