Splined wheel hubs

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I was messing with a set of 7.1" tires for my nero until I realized the wheels only fit on splines hubs. After going through my increasingly larger parts stockful, I found that TRMT8 BE6S splined hubs fit. Now I can use both types of wheels


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Great find and great tip. Thanks for sharing. Do you need to shim anything or is it 100% plug and play?

The screw in pins, similar to the axle pins, are really tight through the nero. I just cleaned them up with a drillbit and it went right together. No shimming, very good fit.
Another bonus I forgot to mention is it adds an inch to the width
I thought the Nero was big? What is that behemoth to the left of it in the pic?
I thought the Nero was big? What is that behemoth to the left of it in the pic?

That's the Team Redcat TRMT8 BE6S.
It's the Team Magic BES sold by Redcat. My Nero is for speed runs, the TRMT8 is for the bashing. It has been unbreakable.

Stock comparison


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That is a great tip. I have several sets of wheels/tires for my Summit that I wanted to try on the Nero but my extra hubs are all too small to use for the swap to splined. I also always liked the extra security I felt I had with splined when spinning large mass at high speed. Regular hex always makes me worry that I will at some point strip a wheel. Thanks for sharing!
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