Limitless Spool gearing

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I got spool gear yesterday and it's a stk spool and gear, recommendations for what size pinion would be appreciated, I have a bunch of pinion gears just not sure what size I should use
Stock spool is a 39T right?

I’d buy an assortment of pinions from 22-30 teeth. Start small. And start on 4S if you’re totally new to speed running. The pinions below aren’t bad for experimenting.

Do you have a gearing app or site to use and plug in numbers for yourself?

AMOGOT Metal Steel M1 Pinion Gear Sets 26T 27T 28T 29T 30T 5mm Shaft Motor Gears with Hex Key for 1/10 RC Brushless Brush Motor
I'm not to sure what to enter as diff and trans gear ratios
I'm not to sure what to enter as diff and trans gear ratios
If your Limitless is V1, enter 3.3 for diff, if it's a V2 enter 2.8, 1 for transmission, 1 for additional gear ratio. For battery voltage enter however many cells you're running and start with 3.7V/cell for starters. For KV rating enter 80% of your motor's KV rating (this is to account for load), tire diameter is 3.93 if you're running Hoons, 3.85 if you're on GRPs, for balloon enter 0.1. Current draw and motor resistance aren't relevant for speed calculation. Obviously enter spur and pinion as installed. Hit calculate and that should get you in the ballpark. Some of the fine tweaking comes afterwards by analyzing data logs if you have a Castle ESC. There you can check what your voltage is during WOT. But let's take it one step at a time. This should give you a realistic point to start from.
Awesome, I'll give it a try.
Other then that is there any tips on not wiping the car out at high speed ex. Servo adjustment or controller settings
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