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So after rigging a new steering turnbuckle on my brushless raider xl I took it out bashing this morning. Come to find out after a while, the wheels stopped turning if/when I hit the throttle.

First expensive RC for me, and it's becoming a pain lol

I inspected it and came to realize that one of the two screws that hold on the gear box cover, became missing.. which caused the spur gear to rub and wear on the inside of the cover, because it shifted.

So I took off the cover and cleaned out all of the dirt and dust that got in, and then found out that the shaft for the spur gear is loose.. like I can tug on it and it'll move freely out a quarter inch or so, not only that but it wiggles back and forth freely a bit. Is it supposed to do this?

If I push the spur shaft in and put the gear box cover on, it seems to hold it place enough for the gears to line up and meet, but as I'm an amateur with this, I need help with knowing if this thing is broken or something before I take the time to take it all apart to find out.

Thanks everyone!

It sound like the E clip came off that holds the shaft in place, you will have to take the tranny out and open it up in order to put it back in place.
Ohh no!!! Haha grrr! I guess I'll be taking it apart tomorrow then. Hopefully the clip is still in one piece lol thanks aj.
Well I completely dismantled the raider this morning, and came to the conclusion that the e clip was indeed in place lol I'm at a loss, and am just determining that the spur shaft is supposed to be floating, I think, because it actually runs fine with the gear box cover on it.

Anyone here have a raider xl? Could you pull the plug off the gear box cover and see if the spur shaft moves at all for me? Thanks

I also have the Raider XL and there is just barely a 1/32" in and out movement, and no side to side movement. Do you still have it apart, and if so could you post a picture of the input shaft, and pinion gear? Also check to see if the transmission case is not broken and check the input shaft bearings.
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Thanks for all your help buddy!

I didn't take pictures, I wish I would have. Next week I'll take it apart again and take some pictures. When I had it all apart I compared it to the diagram that's in the manual and uhh, things aren't the same.. there's more parts on that spur shaft than what's listed??? It all just had me confused lol

I'll upload some pics soon. Thanks again!
Upon further investigation if the bearing is flush with the gear box casing like in the image I've uploaded, the spur shaft hardly moves when it's all assembled. I think that bearing is shot though. Maybe that's where all the extra parts came from?, the parts that aren't in the books diagram?

Off to see the wizard!


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That bearing is like totally wasted, you should not be able to take it apart like that! I get my bearings from http://www.avidrc.com, they are a better quality bearing then the Arrma bearings are.

I took apart my raider again this morning because I got some new bearings in the mail. I removed all parts that were part of the old bashed bearing and installed a newbie with the spacer and ka-plow!, good as new!

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help! It's a bashin' fanatic with a 3S lol
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