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Arrma RC's
I walked trough my garage a few minutes ago and noticed my bottle of squirt. This is a long lasting dry lube for in the cycling world. I use it on my race bike and on my mountain bike with great results.

I was thinking, this stuff would be great for lubing the pivot balls etc to give them a protection which protects against dirt and soil and other dirtiness.

And lets be honest, how many people can say they have an R/C with squirt on it? Hahaha

Anyone knows this stuff?

I don't have Squirt, but I do have a bottle of White Lightning... Kind of the same stuff. Dry lube for bike chains and stuff. Putting it on pivot balls and suspension pins is a great idea! Thanks -

Other crossover products - I use my Purple Extreme (wet) chain lube on my RC bearings. :)


Edit - Joker - you should start a "cross over products" thread - stuff not designed for RC, but essential. Like fishing tackle flat trays - the best parts box you can use for maintenance days. You have a separate compartment for every "step" in disassembling the car. If you need to take a break, close the lid, everything stays organized.
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That fishing box is indeed a great idea!

There are lots off stuff designed for other purposes but wich we can use on our rc's too!
It lubricates extremely well but when you go drive in wet weather the lubricant will worn off...
It works great for lubricating and protects against sand and soil but in wet weather the protection will rain away bit by bit...therefore DRY lube :D
Its not a spray...its a bottle with a tight mouth...just turn the bottle upside down and let a drup off the squirtstuff comming out...you don't need lots of the stuff...just a little...
Pivotballs etc...you can do it on everything that turns...
[DOUBLEPOST=1462995152][/DOUBLEPOST]Not inside the bearings offcourse but on the outside its no problem
Dry lube is best for places that have low speed movement. Pivots, ball ends, bike chains. Anything high speed (bearings) or high load (gears) it is no good.

Dry lube is typically something like a Teflon or graphite or even wax powder, suspended in a very light liquid like mineral oil or naphtha that will evaporate kind of quick. The liquid evaporates, leaving only a thin layer of the power. Without the liquid lube, dirt, sand, and other dusty stuff does not stick as easily. Dry lube does not protect against corrosion at all, and will wash off with only a tiny bit of water, so you have to apply it often.

So for beach running, yes, run a dry lube on all the suspention parts. Oil in bearings, though. Use rubber shielded bearings to keep most of the dirt out.
I love that stuff! Pretty sure it is technically a wax. It is absolutely waterproof by the way. I use it on my fat bike (google that one if you are not familiar) which is commonly ridden through mud, snow, water and sometimes a combo of all three. Squirt handles it like a champ. Be sure to let it completely dry before use or it will attract dirt, not shed it. The surfaces also should be free of oil and grease or it won't adhere properly.

That said, I am not too sure why you would want to lube a pivot ball? One that is properly reemed should pivot with little to no resistance.
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