Starting to need a new radio set

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Hi all

I've been using a trusty FlySky FS-GT3B since getting back into the hobby and it has served me well for the last few months considering it was free.

But now my cars have got faster and my driving has improved, range and latency at range are starting to become an issue.

So looking at something to upgrade it with, which I guess will also be my first "decent" radio. So far the only 2 I have properly considered are the FlySky Noble NB4 and the Spectrum Rugged, with the Noble out on top as it just looks so feature heavy for the money.

Any input, experience with those 2 systems or suggestions for something else is greatly appreciated. I think the only real requirements are low latency, decent range and ease of use (so a screen would be nice).

Thanks guys!
Noble… a better all around. Definitely if speedruns. You won’t be happy with spekturm
I’ve had mine almost a year. I love it. Range is great and the features that are in it really make it a great radio
I think it is going to have to be the noble. It is a little cheaper than the Rugged and after watching a few videos it seems much more feature laden.

Not into speed runs (who knows at this point though lol) but my OC with a 4985 HW really eats up real estate and radio range a lot quicker than when it was standard lol
My vote is for the noble nb4.👍 I love mine 😍Not sure if you're speed running but I use an fgr4 rx w/ a 2nd antenna & get as much range as I can physically see. Also, throttle timing has been a godsend for perfect linear throttle pulls- just like a perfect pass unit, but built in & very easily adjustable. Steering timing has helped as well. Multiple car memory, a battery system that I only have to charge about once a month, the list goes on. Geez, pretty nice plug for noble there, they should probably send me an nb4 pro for my efforts!!😆

The flysky g7p has a lot of features, but I don't know about it's range. I've never lost signal, but I don't do speedruns or go super far away.

They just added configurable servo rates too in the latest firmware. And it already had mixers.
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