Steering arm popping off

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I've ordered the sprue that contains the ball end adjusters because since this thing came out of the box, the left-hand side steering arm will NOT stay on. It falls off in the backyard and at the track. We almost lost the arm entirely when it completely popped off the truck at the track. :O I'd hate to go to a captured ball adjuster because that's just asking for something else to break. So am I just unlucky and got a truck with a loose ball adjuster and once I replace it we'll be set for a while or is this a thing with the Fury?
Follow-up: I bought brand new Arrma ball ends and replaced them on the steering rods. First day on the track and it was all Pop! Pop! Pop! I've ordered up some Losi brand captured rod ends. Obviously I have to remove the current ball from the steering arm but how do I connect these rod ends to the steering rod at that point?

I have seen peeps use 4mm (I think) screws with nylon nuts on the ends and a washer on the top. I have mine on the way.
Turns out that the Arrma ball cup tree also includes two captured rod ends so I might give those a try. I need to find appropriate screws in my parts box now...
OK, the parts arrived and the captured rod ends are installed. It's been wicked rainy here all summer so I'm not sure when I'll be able to test it out on the track. Here's what it looks like:


  • The rod end kit is from Losi. It's part number LOSA6044 and cost $7.50 from
  • The blue spacers are .5mm thick. I put one above and one below the ball. They are part of a Tamiya spacer kit #53539 and cost $4.80 from eBay
  • The screws are 3X15mm metric JIS head screws that were left over from my sons Tamiya DT-02 kit. They are part number 9805859 and cost $2.20 for 4 from
I mostly just used parts that I had laying around. I threaded the ball using a 3mm thread tap hand drill. I had to hold the ball quite firmly using a pair of HobbiCo secure grip pliers. I used white grease to ease the thread cutting as they were quite robust! Once the threads were tapped, I simply screwed it all together. It went together quite nicely with just a very small nub of threads protruding from the bottom of the steering upright arm.

While I don't think you have to use these exact parts, I think it's helpful to see how other people mod their trucks.

Once I get this thing back on the track and take some jumps with it, I'll report back here on how this holds up. I suppose it could just end up transferring all those forces to the inner ball cup where the steering arm connects to the bell crank assembly. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. ;)
Well I'm happy to report that the steering rods popping off appears to be a thing of the past. Brought my son and his buddy to the track today. His buddy drove the Fury and showed no mercy! He launched it off jumps, over lane barriers and did basically everything you expect a loaner truck to be put through. After well over an hour of this sort of punishment the truck continued to run with nary a pop. It's so much more fun driving these than it is chasing them down to re-pop on a steering arm. Here's a pic of him taking the first jump of the triple.

I've been having the same issue lately. I think I have rod ends laying around from my Axial Yeti kit that I recently completed. I will give this fix a try.
My steering arms were popping off all the time as well. I was able to fix this problem with 50 cents and a trip to home depot:

3/16 inch e-clip ( see the pics below ). I hope this helps other folks with the same problem !

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