Infraction Steering component compatibility

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Hello Arrma fam! I'm new to the brand, and curious what steering components are compatible with my Infra3s. I'd like an aluminum bell crank but the ones I see listed are for Senton, Typhon, Granite, etc. but I haven't found one that specifically says it will work with the Vendetta/Infraction 3s/mega.

I'd also like opinions on metal steering/suspension links, as the stock ones seem pretty flimsy, but I also don't want to start breaking stuff that's designed to flex. My previous rigs (different brands not to be named here) all had adjustable steering links and multiple holes to adjust the alignment, but the Infraction has none of those. This comes about after a bumped a curb and my front driver-side wheel has negative camber, yet I cannot find anything bent/broken/out of place after a full front end tear down.

I look forward to learning more about these awesome rigs, I've been very impressed by the build quality so far, and the wealth of knowledge amassed in this forum!

This comes about after a bumped a curb and my front driver-side wheel has negative camber,
Check that hub carrier closer as it’s probably cracked. The bottom of the c hub also could be cracked or even the metal turnbuckle could be bent. Most core 3s parts transfer from one 3s car to the next. The steering bell-crank and servo are the same across the 3 and 4s line. Many metal parts lead to other more expensive parts failing, especially on the suspension area.
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