Steering does not centre

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As the title suggests, I'm having some issues where the steering does not center after turning left. From right it centers back to 0 just fine, just not from left.

Any suggestions as to what's causing this?

Disconnected it from the steering and checked it with only the servo horn attached, and it centers fine then, but not when I put it back / put weight of wheels on to it.

Any suggestions? Or servo just going bust?

Oh, think it's the ADS-7m or whatever the code was, lol. The metal gear one. :p
Are you sure it is the M(etal gear) version?
Because this sounds like the plastic one. This happens when you strip some teeth of the main gear.

Definitely the M(etal) gear version. I was under the impression I had the plastic version, so bought a set of metal gears, only to discover I had the M version. Back when I just bought it I had a bust servo and took it back to my LHS, so they said they'd repair it, seems they replaced the whole servo.

Needless to say...teeth aren't stripped. Still checked though for good measure.
Sounds like either your end points are off or you're steering linkage is getting caught up on something.

Thanks Woodie. Thought it might be steering linkage, but steering seems to feel like it's moving freely. If it is catching, then it's very little. Will check the end points. Poombah it seems had the same issue and managed to solve it so will have a chat with him too.
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