Steering post replacement

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Hey, y'all!
I noticed the tires on granite weren't returning to center on their own, I opened it up and,

Aviary Photo_130966508734961775.jpg

I looked on Tower Hobbies and they will have metal ones in stock at end of this month. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a different way to setup steering?
Thanks in advance.
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At the moment that is the only steering setup available, I have been search every where for alterative steering parts. What they need to do is make those post out of steel and put bearing on the top and bottom of them. I actually replaced the plastic bushings in the piece on the right with bearing .
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@ajdragon, I agree 100%!
The black gunk on the broken post is not grease or dirt. I think it's melted plastic! Lol!
I believe the post that Tower Hobbies has are aluminum. I'll be picking up a couple when they become available. That is if they all aren't already spoken for. :D
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