Kraton Steering Problems: Spontaneous Donuts

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Tempe, AZ
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  1. Kraton 8S
My Kraton is doing spontaneous donuts. It will just suddenly turn all the way left or right, and I can just pull the trigger without touching the wheel, and it'll just keep going in circles. At higher speeds I can correct it in time, and don't think there's danger of losing control completely, but with a truck of this size, I obviously don't want to press my luck.

Steering seems free of obstruction I think I can rule out any binding or issue with the servo; especially since it's happening in both locations. I can just be driving along, the wheel turns all the way in one direction. The Rx antenna is intact. I've experienced interference issues & general weird behavior from defective receivers or damaged antenna with other cars (back when we used crystals), but never anything like this.

Anyone experienced anything like this before? Any advice appreciated.
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