Notorious Steering recenters under throttle


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This thing turns great off the throttle. When I give it even a little throttle turning, the front wheels pull straight.

Is that from the big tires, weak servo out of the box, power pulling the wheels back center, combination of them, etc?

Curious if there’s anything that can be done. Again the wheels recenter under throttle which is kind of annoying.

Thanks in advance!
Mostly the weak servo saver and heavy tires. Older adjustable saver was better. Power hobby also sells one that is adjustable. The 652 servo is not helping things either. Once you get things apart install bearings in the rack as well.
when replacing the servo go at least 35kg if not more. Lots of torque needed for the outcast/ Noto.
Good to see some cheap options. I’ll give them a try separately to see what improvements each gives.

I’ve had a few power hobby parts and been happy with their products.

Are a lot of people running a lighter tire? Thanks For the info!
I actually run a heavier tire……proline badlands 3.8 MT. Haha. Thing would not turn at all under throttle until I updated the saver. You can run the backflip lp if you are looking for lighter. I run them on my Talion and they run great.
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