Stiffer shock springs for ARRMA Fury, Granite, Vorteks shocks?

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Anyone find a source for stiffer shock springs that fit the ARRMA Fury, Granite, Vorteks shocks?

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I believe those shocks are 95mm so springs maybe like 80mm? not exactly sure, but you could also try to change out the stock shock oil and I'm guessing that the stock shock oil is 20wt or maybe 25wt shock oil? So, I would put some 35wt, 40wt, or maybe even 45wt oil in them and should help. Are you using the truck just for bashing? or racing with it?
I have 50wt running in my granite rifht now and im thinking of running even thicker. Something like 65 or even 70 just to get a better ride hight and dampening action. Ive akso been looking around for better springs and someone sent me a link to some but i have to find it. But they do fit the stock granite/fury/raider/vorteks shocks. I will let you know as soon as i find it.
45 weight in the back of my raider...can't remember the front, but I think around 40. Handles very well with badlands all around. Heavier with tires, all aluminum and other upgrades so I am as well looking for spring upgrades. The outer diameter of the shocks are 16mm, but when I look up 16 mm shocks I get kraton,talion and other 1/8 springs to this must not be correct. I have emailed Hobbico support to get the proper posted dimensions, and as well to see if they have any team durango options that would fit. I'll update when they reply.

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