Senton Stiffer springs?

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Austin, TX
Hi Everyone,
My Senton roller should be arriving this week and based on what I read so far, I'm going to want stiffer springs.

I saw that someone was running Team Associated for their big bore kit, but I haven't seen anything else about stiffer springs. I bought some Tekno springs for my Kraton, but not sure what to get for the Senton.

Thanks for any ideas!
Are those the same springs people are using in their Kraton? Does the Senton and Kraton have the same shocks?
I just put my stock Kraton springs on my Senton and will run it Sunday at an off-road site. I like their length better but can't tell how it'll affect handling yet.
The Kraton springs seemed to work great, but the site we run at is really harsh. But as far as I could tell, it seemed to handle just fine, and I definitely like the length of the spring better.
I plan to put a set of the Tekno orange 80mm & 90mm on my Senton when it arrives later this week. Hoping for good results.
I just put Tekno Greens on my Senton a few days ago. Seems nice but I didn't drive it yet.
I just put Tekno Greens on my Senton a few days ago. Seems nice but I didn't drive it yet.
Awesome. Keep us updated after you've ran them.

Which ones did you get?


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I'll have to double check but I think they are:


Quick story.
I picked them up a year or so ago from a LHS going out of business. I didn't have a use for them and then forgot I had them when I got my Senton... Then the other day I found them in my bin of RC parts and figured I'd try them on the Senton and they fit perfect! Haha.
The 90mm ones aren't too big for the rears? They look too long, but maybe not.

I just put the 80mm springs on the front of the Senton and they are too long. I have my adjuster all the way up and my front end is sitting way too high. Might put the 80's on the rears and order some 75's for the front
What's the consensus on the optimum springs to run? I can't stand how soft the stock springs are.
I've got Tekno orange 80,90mm on mine. Rate is good, but they are a little too long/tall.
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