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Arrma RC's
Hello, I have just ordered a Kraton, this is my first RC model since I was a child 20 odd years ago. I haven't bought any battery's or charger yet. I'm definitely wanting to get some 3s but i ain't sure on what size will fit the battery tray and optimal discharge/mah for the stock ESC and motor, any recommendations on battery choice would be gratefull.
mAh-Get the highest you can afford for longer run times. As for discharge, 30c would probably work, but I'd stick with 40c or higher. As for the stock ESC, you may be better off with 4s or 5s. 6s seems to increase the failure rate, and a few have had pretty bad fires when on 6s. Of course, if yours fries, arrma has been good at replacing them. They should have their new ESC available in the next few weeks, and you may get upgraded to it if your original fails.
You do have to be carefull about the size the tray will fit 52mm wide and I thick about 60mm tall that the straps can hold securely. I have 2 smc 4300mah 3s that fit good side by side, 2 zippys 5000mah 3s that fit stacked that I made a plate to hold them from slipping front to back, and then I have 2 smc 5000mah 3s that do not fit because stacked they are so tall the hit the body.
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