Kraton Stock Body Fix

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Just thought Id show yuz what i done to the stock body to fix the broken rear mount holes. Today I used some shoe goo to make a fix for the stock body since the rear section of the body near the mount holes broke away. I was using home made washers but I decided to glue on this piece of solid, hard plastic and make mounting holes for it instead. I'm just charging some batteries and will go and test it out soon.
Unique fix there @GraniteVorteksKraton. I've also seen people use shoegoo around the holes to give them extra strength.
Yeh I been doing the shoe goo around the body holes with other cars of mine. I decided to go better with the Kraton. I've bashed it 3 times since I've glued on the piece. I think it's actually Teflon and not plastic so its tough as nails and has held up great. Here's a PIC from this arvo...
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