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hello everyone i am new to the site i had my arrma granite mega brushed for a year now and i am just starting to upgrade it i i bought a 7.2v 5000mah nimh battery pack i was wondering if the battery would be to much for the stock esc
i bought a dtx 7.2v 5000 mah battery from tower hobbies and when i first charged it it got a little warm and now that i have used it 3 times the battery stays cold to the touch when its charging i am using the stock wall charger that came with arrrma granite mega brushed why would do that
NiMh batteries get warm at the end of charging when they are full. If they aren't getting warm you probably are not charging them up fully. I would suggest getting a better charger that gives you some visibility into the capacity and voltage of the battery as it charges. Something that charges LiPo's as well as NiMh batteries is highly recommended as well. You can find valid options for less than $50 all the way up to several hundred dollars.
thank you for the info i like this site it helps me out a lot thanks guys
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