Stock tire compound?

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Does anyone know what the tire compound if for the infraction v2 hoons tires? And if spending the extra $10 for silver is going to make the tires last longer
These are like half the price, at least just as good and last longer. Price went up a few dollars but still like half the price and there are even cheaper sellers but this is the one I bought from so it's what I linked. You will thank me later! I haven't bought hoons since I found em :cool: (y)
Dang, that IS a great price, thanks for the link! A friend just bought some Hoons, I'll have to let him know.

I don't know if there's something along those lines for a Kraton 6S. I bought some Duratrax Banditos, since they seemed like a reasonably priced option for 3.8" tires, for just playing around on pavement. But they were still twice as much as these.
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