Stress Testing BLX-185 ESC

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Let me get this off the bat, I don’t recommend you do this as a matter of fact I recommend you do not do this ever. This new BLX 185 esc and motor makes this truck a rocket. It flies on 6s. But if I have a friend over I’ll drive my revo and hand him the remote to my senton. I wanted to see how much you can push the capacitors on the esc, so I put in a completely garbage battery (onyx 6400mah 3s) and used the jumper for the other cable. I do not recommend onyx batteries, they suck. Bad. Here’s a photo:
I do not recommend these batteries. They all have poor performance. But the point of this test is to see if the esc will blow using a garbage battery. The esc did not blow using this garbage battery today. I ran it for 15 minutes basically full throttle. Here’s a boring clip of what I was doing to see this esc’s strength.
The battery got to 145 degrees R.I.P. I guess better luck next time still charged correctly and suffered minor puffage. Overall that’s one myth busted. This low quality 25c crapbox of a battery did not kill the esc or heat it up much at all. I give arrma thumbs up for durable esc. It’s like my mxl 6s. I just don’t like the throttle curve though. Can someone tell me exactly what esc this even is? Seems like one of hobbywing’s 6s quickruns just a big fan?

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