stripped out screw...

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the hassle is real, post your ideas to get it out fast! here is my problem, some of you may have seen it on facebook.
It is still a problem, right now don't have the tools so yeah... lol
was trying to install my new castle system but it seems the stock electronics really wanna stay lmao
U can try the super glue method. The an old Allen wrench in the hole and shoot a little super glue in the hole also let it dry well..... And then see what happens when u unscrew it! Sometimes it works!
That is exactly the reason why i had to saw my motormount in half! One damn screw was so tight that it wouldnt get the screw is totally fiddlesticked up and i had to saw the motormount in half to get my middle diff out...
Now my motormount is screwed on the chassis with 2 screws instead of 3...
Thats why i will order a set of kraton hardened titanium screws to switch all the screws.

Try to cut a line in the screw abd then try to get ut out with a flat head screwdriver

Another option is to see if you can rotate the motor back and forth to try and brake the screw loose, "Do Not Break the screw off". You'll need to take the motor guard off in order to grab the motor.
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